Q: Do you have to be a member to use ona?

A: Not at all.  We offer single day passes for anyone wanting to try out the facility or just passing through town.  With our indoor (air-conditioned and weather-proof) facility, ONA is a great place to wait out the summer rains or work up a sweat after a day at the Convention Center.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located 2 miles from the Orange County Convention Center.  Our location is in a warehouse situated between a boat dealership and a white, two-story office building.  We're at the back of a building that has a blue “leaping guy” sign in the front yard.  If you get lost, just give us a call (address and phone number are at the bottom of the page).

Q: Is ONA open to kids?

A: Absolutely.  We always welcome kids to come and try their hand at tackling the same obstacles that they see on TV (and we have some scaled down versions for their enjoyment, as well!).  

Q: IS ONA OPEN to Adults?

A: There is no reason that the kids should get to have all of the fun!  ONA holds classes for adults and also has open gym availability so adults can compare their skills against those of famous ninja warriors.

Q: Do you HOld Competitions and/or leagues?

A: The air in ONA is electric during our competitions.  We try to host regular competitions for both children and adults, from amateur to pro skill levels.  Sign up for our newsletter or follow our social media posts for up-to-date information on upcoming events.

Q: Is It Safe to Use the facility?

A: Yep.  If the facility is used as intended and under proper supervision, there is very little possibility of injury.  Of course, freak accidents do happen, but we designed the space with safety in mind.  All areas have padding, with the main competition area having padding that is 12" thick.

Q: Is there somewhere to sit and watch?

A: Yes.  ONA has an uncomfortable bench that is over 30 feet long.  We made it uncomfortable so that you would choose to be a part of the action rather than sit on the sidelines.  In the event that you're injured or just not wanting to participate, feel free to sit anywhere on the bench and take in the activities.

Q: Who can participate in Open Gym?

A: Open gym is available to anyone who signs the liability waiver.  While we find that kids enjoy the challenge of a structured instructional class, there is nothing that says they have to attend any class.  Anyone from age 6 to age 96 is welcome to challenge themselves with the obstacles at anytime they wish.

Q: Is there a shower?

A: There is a shower at ONA, however, it is only for emergency situations.  Should you have a particular need or special request, please let us know and we will work with you to accommodate your need.