Waivers AND Registration

First Time Visitors

In order to use the OBSTACLE NINJA ACADEMY facility, everyone is required to agree to and sign a liability waiver.  Waiver signing can be done in person at ONA, but, if you want to maximize your time on the obstacles, we recommend that you fill out the waiver and registration information now....

If you are only signing for yourself (meaning you are over 18 and do not have any children with you), please select the "New Adult (18+) only" button below.

If you are signing the waiver for your child(ren) - and also why not yourself while you're at it? - please select the "New Adult with Minor(s) or New Minor (under 18)" button below.

If you need to edit your information or add a child, please select the bottom option.

Returning VIsitors

If you have previously signed the waiver (see the details on the left), you can select this link to sign in directly to your Obstacle Ninja Academy account.  Signing in will allow you to reserve spaces in upcoming classes, purchase memberships, and buy some swag.


To sign in to your ONA account: