Show off your "ninja love!"  Let the world know that you're an obstacle ninja and are ready for whatever comes at you - in the air, on the ground, or all around.  You are a ninja warrior.  Put everyone on alert!

We create a new shirt every month - you can buy them individually, or, if you become a T-Shirt Club member (see the details at the bottom of the page), we'll send them to you monthly (and at a discount!).

Pick one shirt or pick them all - ONA won't judge your wardrobe!  If you have an idea for the next t-shirt, let us know and you'll get yours for free!


ONA’s Iconic Blue Super Soft Tee

This shirt is not only attention grabbing, but you won’t want to take it off - it’s so soft! The ONA logo is recognized throughout the ninja community. Show your love for the sport and for ONA. Buy it, wear it, strut it!

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RJ Roman “Shred That Course” Tee

We're starting off slow.  Once we debut the shirt for August, then the shirt for July will make it's way down to "Shirt 2" status.  For now, focus all of your attention on "Shirt 1".


ONA Polo Shirt

We'll get a bit fun, a bit cheesy, and maybe a bit cocky with the shirt designs - a bit for everyone in the crowd.  Stay tuned over the next couple of months as the shirts begin to fill in the various slots.  In the meantime wear your current ONA gear with pride!


Become a t-shirt club member

Sign up to be a t-shirt club member and you'll receive the new shirt of the month before it is available to anyone else.  You can wear it to the gym (and around town) and invoke the envy of ninja warriors everywhere.  T-shirt club memberships are a great gift for any member of your family or for any of your friends as well.  Sign up for a year and you'll get your 12th shirt for free.