Here at ONA, we like to mix things up.  While it is good to have some permanent obstacles to use as benchmarks for improvement, we also get bored easily.  With that in mind, we try to introduce new obstacles on a regular basis.  Below is the list of our permanent obstacles (denoted with "Permanent" in the text) and our current rotation of non-permanent obstacles.  If you've got an idea that you'd like for us to explore, please let us know - we love working with members to bring new obstacles to life.

Warped Wall

Permanent obstacle - If you are an American Ninja Warrior fan, then you are sure to know what the Warped Wall is!  No ninja gym would be complete without a warped wall, and ONA spared no expense at ensuring your inner ninja gets a shot at “Beating that Wall” by offering 3 different wall heights!  That’s right, ONA is home to an 8, 10 and 12 foot warped wall.

These walls are exactly scaled from the 14.5' wall that competitors tackle on the show.  Based on this, our walls are going to be a bit more challenging than other "reduced height" walls.  Give it your best shot!

Salmon Ladder

Permanent obstacle - This one is a doozie…imagine natural steps within a stream that salmon use to make their way upstream…only NOT.  Now imagine a ladder, and someone deciding to go against gravity hanging from a bar that is simply hanging by a thread (or some pegs as it may be) on each side.  In order to “climb” the ladder, athletes must hang from the bar and then pull up in a jumping motion to launch high enough to land the bar on the next set of pegs.  Then repeat again and again until reaching the top of the ladder.  This obstacle requires upper body and plyometric strength.

For those looking for a bit more of a challenge, we do offer a double salmon ladder, allowing you to practice the same moves in the advanced stages of the competition.

Devil Steps

Permanent obstacle - If this name doesn’t scare you, the directions will!  This obstacle is a set of ascending and descending stairs where the athletes must hang from and climb under the steps using only their hands.  ONA has created an awesome recreation of this obstacle that doubles as a peg board, ring toss, monkey bars and knob grasper for increasing grip strength.

Bouldering Walls

Permanent obstacle - Yep you read this right…although ONA is NOT a rock climbing gym by any means, we do have some awesome bouldering walls to help our athletes work on grip strength and create a challenge for traversing.  The walls have colored holds that help guide even the novice climber to experiment different climbing techniques and enhance their skills.

Ultimate Cliffhanger

Permanent obstacle - Better bring along your chalk for your hands, and if you don’t have any, don’t worry, ONA has you covered!  We sell personalized bags of chalk to help keep things sanitary.  This obstacle is made of long and short ledges that ninjas use to hang from using only their fingertips!!! Athletes will traverse the sides of the wall moving across and up and down utilizing incredible arm strength and body control to make transitions from one ledge to another.

Broken bridge

Have you ever tried running across a wobbly, rope bridge? No?! This is one obstacle that will challenge even the most advanced athlete's balance abilities. Build up your courage and give the bridge crossing a try.

Monkey bars

Permanent obstacle - Yep, the good ol’ monkey bars NEVER get old.  This gym definitely has some monkey bars!!!  In fact, this gym is actually built upon multiple configurations of monkey bars to help our athletes really turn into ninjas!  Come check them out!

Bungee Crossing

Tarzan Ninja will show you how this is done right!  This series of hanging bungee cords allow our ninjas to swing into the air and transition from bungee to bungee, ultimately swinging landing safely onto one of our many crash pads…if the ninja doesn’t already land on their own two feet.  Every kid loves the bungee crossing!!!

Unstable Bridge

Like it’s name, this “bridge” is attached to the rig/truss in the midsection of the obstacle making it appear unstable, at least it feels this way as you make your way down the obstacle.  This obstacle features a combination of upper body strength, grip strength, and lache skill (swinging across the gaps).  Our ninja coaches will help you to master the unstable bridge by helping you to master your momentum.

Wing Nuts

So this may be one of the most popular obstacles on the show right now, and ONA has 4 of them!  Yep, 4!  Swing your body in the air and transition yourself off the wing nut and catch yourself on the next wing nut…talk about air time!  Only the most experienced ninjas have what it takes to conquer this one!  But ONA will get you there!!!!

UFO Pipe Slide

The kids will enjoy riding down the pipe slider just for the ride.  The adults will enjoy the challenge of flying from the pipe slider to the punching bag (or the light sabers) in one continuous motion.  Fun - yes.  Easy - not exactly.


Go ahead and Google this one…you need to see it in action to really appreciate the simplicity of it and the challenging aspect of it.  Ninjas hang from the wheel while swinging in the air…and you better hold on tight or else gravity will take over and pull you off!


Sounds simple enough…but this is not an obstacle you would find at a carnival.  ONA has designed our ring toss to be rings that hang in the air on pegs that are on the outside of our Devil Steps…use the rings to climb your way across the obstacle while gravity pulls on you.

Cannonball Alley

Think you've got serious grip strength?  Work your way down Cannonball Alley's set of swinging holds.  Oh, did we mention that the holds increase in size as you work your way through the lane? 

Got a Great idea for an obstacle?  let us know!  WE'll work with you to create your obstacle and try it out at ona for free.  click here to submit an email to us and we'll get things moving in the right direction!