Become your own Superhero.

Challenge Accepted.


Obstacle ninja academy


Come join us at Obstacle Ninja Academy (ONA) and see what you're capable of.  Come prepared for a challenge and leave with a newfound sense of confidence.

 You can be your own superhero.

Open seven days a week, ONA will stimulate growth for your entire family.  From obstacles designed specifically for kids to obstacles directly from the hit tv show, ONA has a challenge for everyone's skill level.

Stop by today and get to know our staff...don't get too comfy with the obstacles, though...we rotate them through on a regular basis to make sure you've always got a challenge waiting on you.

Come for the challenge...Stay for the fun.


Upcoming Events


Kids Comp - October 6th

Looking to see how your kid measures up to the competition? Sign up for our National Ninja League (NNL) competition and start training!

Adult Comp - October 5th

NNL Season is back!! Come out and show the world what you’ve got. Sign up now - run order is determined by sign up order.

Current Obstacles

Want to see what obstacles we currently have to challenge your skills?  Check back often, as everything gets changed up regularly.

MemberShip Packages

Sign up for a membership and save some money.  Check out the membership packages and see which one is the best fit for you.

Birthday Parties

Looking for the hottest new place to host your birthday party?  Come have a birthday experience like no other.  Party room with refrigerator are available for your event.

An experience like nothing else
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