obstacle Ninja Academy - dr. phillips



Located in SW Orlando, Obstacle Ninja Academy (ONA) aims to provide a destination for locals and tourists alike.  With rainstorms and humidity a constant reality, the space was designed to take advantage of a dry, air-conditioned facility.

ONA is open 7 days a week to provide members and guests a safe and entertaining environment in which to challenge their abilities and improve their skills.  Our staff members have competed in American Ninja Warrior, providing useful and authentic insight to help you improve.


Jason Kotzin

Jason is an owner and trainer at ONA.  Splitting class instruction with RJ, Jason makes up an incredible half of the core instructional team.  Jason's successes on the ninja warrior scene have garnered him national recognition (2019 UNAA World Finals - 3rd Place and ANW Season 11) and earned him the respect that we all have for him.

If you’re looking for a methodical and experience-based approach to coaching, Jason will check all the boxes, and then some!


RJ Roman

RJ is an owner and our lead ninja at ONA.  After a successful American Ninja Warrior debut showcasing his talents to the world at the national finals in 2018 (Stage 2 - WOO-HOO!!), RJ shredded courses again in the 2019 ANW season and was a top competitor at national finals!

With a coaching style that is second-to-none and athletic ability to match, there's no better guy to take instruction from.


Chad Young

With a background in exercise science, Chad has an innate understanding of "all things ninja". His unparalleled determination and focus are the driving motivation for ONA's success day in and day out.  His experience as a founder of NinjaFit Gym has been invaluable as we drive to create a professionally challenging and engaging facility.


Robin Lopez

Born to be an engineer, Robin brings the design and planning aspects to the team (and the pocket protector and calculator!).  Combine the designing with Robin's construction background and ONA has the tools to create something amazing - as long as Jason, RJ, and Chad tell Robin what he needs to design.